Emma is a practicing Melbourne-based visual artist, whose practice explores the tenacious yet fragile human spirit. 

De Clario has exhibited extensively in Australia, in various group shows, including solo shows at Francis Keevil Gallery, Damien Minton Gallery (NSW), The Woodbine Gallery (Vic), Anita Traverso Gallery and [MARS] Melbourne Art Rooms. In 2009 she was the winner of the Melbourne Art Fair Renault New Generation Artist of the Year Award, and was the recipient of the Linden Postcard Prize.

Her work focuses entirely on exposing the inexplicable, broken and yet shining tenacity of the human spirit.

Emma has painted prolifically since she was a child. As both her parents are artists, and the environment that she grew up in was the unpredictable, fraught and 'free' 1970's, her experience of creative, visual expression had inexhaustible limitations.

Her interest in art, literature and the human condition, has informed her committed practice. That Emma is the full time mother of two young children, has deepened her inquiry into the relationship of 'the mother', the ferocity and parallel tenderness, the seeming immortality within this archetype.

In her practice, she attempts to expose that paradox of longing and fullness within us all; to uncover the voice in the silence of the metaphysical world.

In her first solo exhibition, she re-examined 100's of personal photographs.
In each image, she looked to find the 'lost' moment within herself.
Was she present at the time the shutter clicked?
Or was the photograph a record of a moment by which the conscious knowledge that the visual moment was 'recorded' gave her spirit the permission leave, with the understanding that she could see the photograph later?

In these particular photographs, where her 'presence' was gone, she then expands the space/time field paradox contained within these images by reconstructing their imagery through overlaying a newly painted surface, re experiencing the day, the moment, the photograph. Taking back into her that particular that was forsaken.

Beyond the location of found images Emma has increasingly used a multitude of diverse practices to newly construct the images she seeks. Combining the instantaneous with the spontaneity of her vision through the deliberateness of oil painting, Emma has managed to develop a practice that simultaneously proposes both the urgency of what must be at all costs conveyed and the silent language with which to express it. She paints with oil paints in the spirit and tone of the old impressionists and attempts to highlight or point out the divinity in our repetitive daily lives.

She never has a person, or people in her work. Her reason is that she believes that ‘we’ are all the same person, in different bodies, and at different stages and experiences of this gift we are given, called Life.

Her work is distinguished by a sense of humanity, longing and honesty and is an attempt to represent the human condition by using symbols and metaphors of the everydayness of the things that we see around us.

She attempts to make the invisible visible and in that to equalize and to translate humanities isolation. With the expression of our equanimity she hopes to ultimately comfort the separation constantly present in our human unity.

Luke Davies




2017              Studio exhibition
                      Museum of Innocence, Mildura, Victoria

                      'Road Trip'
                      Guy Mathews G1 Gallery, Carlton, Melbourne

2014              ‘The Promise’ 
                      The Woodbine Gallery, Malmsbury, Victoria

2013              'Quartet of Artists' - Group show
                      Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney

                      Feature Artist at the Art For All Art Fair, Fairfield, Melbourne

2012             ‘We Are Dying Just Say Thank You’
                      Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne

2011              ‘Hindsight’
                      Woodbine Gallery, Malmsbury, Victoria

2010             ‘Quit Existing’ with Domenico de Clario
                     Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne 

                      Mural commission for the private garden of Andy Dinan and Mario Lo Giudice

                     The Francis Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney

                     ‘In The Kitchen Sink’ group show
                      Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne

2009           ‘Ubiquity’
                     Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne

2008           ‘Stemmata’ 
The Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

                    Renault New Generation Artist of the Year section
                    The Weekend Melbourne Art Fair 

                    ‘God is Everywhere’ 
                    The Linden Postcard Exhibition, Melbourne

                    The Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2007          ‘Perilous Housekeeping’ 
                    The Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2005           ‘Deworlded’ 
                     MARIOS café, Melbourne




1994            ‘Lighthouse’
                    A book of poems by Emma de Clario illustrated by Domenico de Clario



2011              Acquisition of work by The Romsey Art Museum, Romsey, Victoria
                     Acquisition of work by The Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo, Victoria

2008            Renault People’s Choice Award
                     New Generation Artist of the Year
                     Australian Art Fair, Melbourne
                     Winner of the Linden Postcard Prize

2007            Winner of the People’s Choice Award
                    ‘The Only Constant’ -  inaugural exhibition for the opening of The Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2006           Acquisition of work, ‘Industrial Hope’, for the inaugural opening of The Footscray Art Library 



Roller One
Nick Barker The Heart Ache State



Private Collection, The Besen Family

Private Collection, The Hirsh Family

Artbank, Australia

Mirvac Group Art Collection

The Kelly Family Trust

The Myer Foundation